“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek

Measure. Start your journey by understanding your team’s perception of the current culture and desired culture. CultureLens empirically measures these through proprietary and objective assessment of your team’s cultural perceptions.

Clarify. Use CultureLens’ insightful outputs to bring true understanding to your organization. Identify culture gaps, see weak and strong points.

Advance. Prioritize behaviors to advance performance.

Integrated solutions that create sustainable change. We have proven solutions built on thousands of pieces of proprietary collateral. Our solutions integrally link strategy, people, processes and technology.

Unparalleled experience. Our model leverages advisors and consultants with an average of more than 30+ years of practical hands-on industry experience. We help accelerate cultural advancement and operating performance.

Laser focus on value creation. We have a long history of delivering significant, sustainable value to our clients. Our engagements are structured to deliver short-term wins and become self-funding in months, not years.

A Tailored Solution

Leverage the proprietary and industry-leading tool CultureLens to provide a deep understanding of your organization’s needs. Or talk with Lavister’s team of operating culture experts.